Hollywood Stargirl: a sequel to Stargirl on Disney+.

Hollywood Stargirl

Stargirl is a movie released in 2020. With its success, Disney+ wanted to rekindle the flame in the hearts of Internet users by offering a sequel to discover from June 3.

So that the film is not a simple repetition, it takes us here to Hollywood as its name confirms. Change of scenery, but not change of plans... Because Susan Stargirl Caraway intends to realize her dreams. And if she finds herself, this time, in California, it is because she had to follow her mother on the Hollywood film sets. Indeed, the latter obtained a job of costume designer.

As a result, this new environment offers her new possibilities to become a professional singer. In her new city, she will meet new people. Starting with her neighbor Mitchell, some budding directors and especially Roxanne Martel, a singer she admires and who will give her some advice...

To interpret Stargirl, we obviously find Grace VandeWaal. Disney+ was not going to change the actress all the same! We will also have the opportunity to see Uma Thurman since she interprets here the singer Roxanne Martel.

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