How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) wins a prequel to be released in August


How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is a German comedy that landed on Netflix two good years ago. A kind of UFO, the series has immediately found its audience. And as always in the series, some characters leave us, sometimes reluctantly. That's why Netflix decided to revive Buba and give him a new chance with a movie specially designed for him, Buba.

Unlike the original, Buba takes the form of a film, an opportunity to get to know this character better.

Let's announce it right away, the movie is a prequel and has nothing to do with the original series. We do not find the same protagonists. The story takes place before and allows us to better understand this strange character. Because Buba is a ruthless drug trafficker, but he was not born like that.

When he was a child, he lost his parents, leaving him alone with his brother Jakob. He soon discovers that every happiness he has is accompanied by misfortune. A kind of karma that balances itself... In this perspective, to avoid suffering misfortunes, he decides to make his life as unpleasant as possible in order to win as often as possible on the other boards. He is well helped in this task by his brother...

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But when he falls in love, his plan doesn't seem to be so perfect... He will have to cunningly get what he wants and avoid too many misfortunes...

In the role of Buba, we find of course Bjarne Mädel, as well as Georg Friedrich. Maren Kroymann, Michael Schertenleib, Michael Ostrowski and Anita Vulesica are added to the cast