In the blind spots, what about it?

in the blind spots

In the Blind Spots is a 2021 film that has been available for a few weeks on Netflix. Surprisingly enough, this horror / thriller has managed to make it into the top 10 of Netflix. Hard to believe though? Not so much!

The synopsis

Shari Sprinter Berman's film tells the story of a young couple, obviously in love. They have left Manhattan, a busy life and many friends to find themselves in a quiet place. They have just bought an old farmhouse in the country whose previous owners have strangely disappeared. It is located in the Hudson Valley, upstream from New York. This departure for the countryside is a way for them to find each other and to put back together the pieces of a marriage that is falling apart.

Intrigued by the history of the house, Catherine (Amanda Seyfried) will discover the secrets behind it and that will not bring anything good, bringing to light the dark side of her husband George. He is indeed capable of the worst and will commit it without batting an eye!

What we think

At the pen, we find Shari Sprinter Berman and Robert Pulcini. Rather than a screenplay, it is an adaptation of the novel All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage. The film takes on the appearance of a horrific closed-door setting very quickly, which adds to the atmosphere. One feels directly caught up in the movement and being afraid of George and his bloody reactions as he is under the sway of a spirit.

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We must add that the poster is worth the detour. We find Amanda Seyfried who we had lost sight of for a few years. She comes back here in force and proves her talent once again, assisted by James Norton, revealed by the mini-series War and Peace.