Jamie, a remake of Billy Elliot?


Billy Elliot is a classic among classics. The kind of movie we've all seen at least once and that is a cultural reference. Jamie is a film produced by Amazon Studio and ploughs the same themes.

Jamie is a young boy who is searching for himself. Like all teenagers, he wants to discover his body, his life, what he likes and what he wants to be and become.

Like Billy Elliott, Jamie is English and does not live in a big city. He lives in Sheffield, which is not a small town, but can be considered a provincial town. A city with an industrial and glorious past, but which has lost its charm today. We find there a little bit the stereotypes that we see in the English movies and series. The one of people who live their lives, but without much future and who don't have this opening on the world. We also find this in The Full Monty and more recently in Sex Education. Bad luck for Jamie, he wants to become a drag queen.

This destiny is not impossible, but she will have to overcome some difficult steps to reach her dream.

Scheduled for release on September 17, the film is an ode to the resilience of young people; those who live in the provinces and who do not have the same opportunities as city dwellers. But also that becoming who you want to be sometimes involves sacrifices.

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