Kev Adams, his movie Haters arrives on Amazon Prime Video


After Nabillait's the turn of another star to get into the streaming. In this case, it is Kev Adams. The comedian has received the order from Amazon for a film "Amazon Exclusive." This movie is Haters and it is due to arrive on December 3.

Hater is a film directed by Stéphane Marelli. Kev Adams plays a young Youtuber who wants to know his haters. Yes, usually we are content to retain followers, but why not go to meet those who do not like us. That's what Thomas Le Lama (Kev Adams), a comedy star, did after a bad buzz. The goal is to meet 10 people who criticize him to find his audience and win back his girlfriend.

And for those who would believe in an average film, the casting is there to contradict them. Indeed, Audrey Fleurot, Jean-Claude van Damme, Philippe Lacheau, Frank Dubosc, Olivier Giroud, Fred Testot, Elie Semoun, Rayane Bensetti. The list is still long, but it is already enough to convince of the quality of the casting. And also, a little, of the comic orientation of the film.

With this film, Amazon Prime Video is reaching a younger audience, fond of comedies and who appreciate comedians in France. A little behind its biggest competitor, the American platform is multiplying its projects in France to try to attract a wider audience.

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