Kissing Booth 3 : release on August 11

kissing booth 3

You liked the first and second part? Netflix has prepared a third one for you. And it promises to be as good as the first two. In any case, this is what the trailer unveiled by Netflix a while ago promises.

In this film, we find all the actors that we appreciate. Namely, Joel Courtney (Lee), Jacob Elordi (Noah) and of course Joey King (Elle)... Other actors of the previous films will reappear in the third film. Such as Taylor Zakhar Perez or Molly Ringwald. Finally, the date is known for nearly 3 months by fans, since Netflix had not delayed to announce this third part.

The second Kissing Booth film left the audience with a lot of questions. It is therefore logical to believe that this third film will provide answers.

So of course, the film does not contain many mysteries, just like Complex love. The characters are the same and we find them in a different environment. Indeed, they spend a vacation in the house with a view on mother of the parents of Lee and Noah. There, Elle and Lee will start a list of things to do absolutely before dying. But some very current problems will occupy them: Who of Marco or Noah prefers Elle? Which college will she attend? And finally, what does she really want for her future?

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In any case, the film looks exciting!