Complex love: the romantic comedy of August

l'amour complexe

Produced by Alicia Keys and commissioned by Netflix, the romantic comedy intends to delight subscribers by offering them a relaxing moment thanks to this film. And then, it will be the opportunity to get ready for the release of Kissing Booth 3scheduled for August 11...

The pitch

The story focuses on Erica. Played by Christina Milian, Erica is a singer. But her career is at a standstill. And especially, she was dumped by her fiancé. She had already bought her wedding dress ... War weary, she decided to leave for the exotic Mauritius. Moreover, she received a proposal to perform at a wedding there.

She certainly doesn't expect this wedding to be her ex-fiancé's. A complicated situation since she still has feelings for him and tries to hide her former relationship from the future wife. The funny situations are there.

What to think of L'amour complexe?

One thing is certain, Complex Love does not revolutionize the genre. Netflix had already done the trick of the romantic comedy in the tropics in December with another film: A Christmas fallen from the sky. We found in this film Alexander Ludwig (Viking) and Caterina Graham).

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If you liked the latter film, you will like Complex Love. If not, it is unlikely that you will like Alicia Keys' film. It must be said that the acting is not exceptional and that the first ten minutes do not allow you to get hooked directly to the film...