The biopic on Bernard Tapie with Laurent Lafitte

laurent lafitte bernard tapie

Despite the flop of the series Marseille, Netflix has not given up on French-style series. Especially since Lupin really knew how to create excitement and erased the previous failures. Netflix intends to attack a "monument" of French life: Bernard Tapie.

Bernard Tapie is a businessman, a man of light, but also of shadow. He was praised for more than a decade before being embroiled in various trials. From the big boss of Adidas to the Olympique de Marseille through his sailboat, there is enough material to create a series. A series that will be released soon (probably in 2022)...

Laurent Lafitte will play Bernard Tapie, the businessman who has known all kinds of jobs

The title role will be played by Laurent Lafitte. The man has a small resemblance to the main character. But he is especially capable of interpreting two scenes with diametrically opposed emotions. It must be said that the resident of the Comédie-Française is capable of the best, as all artists who are housed there.

The series will be called Wonderman. And if it takes as a backdrop the history of man over a period of 20 years, its creators readily admit that they have taken some liberties with reality. It will therefore be an adaptation of the man rather than of them. An adaptation subjective enough that not to judge Bernard Tapie on the small screen.

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