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the top of the basket

Netflix has invested a few million by signing deals with famous actors to ensure exclusive films with them. This is the case for Ryan Reynolds. It is also the case for Adam Sandler who returns in this month of June with a comedy-drama revolving around basketball.

It's a bit of a story of the film from the shadows to the light. A guy from nowhere fights for recognition and success in an environment that was totally closed to him. In the movie, Adam Sandler plays a scout for the Philly 76ers. On the road all day long, he can't take it anymore. Just as well, the boss offers him a promotion. Except that the boss dies, and his son, totally undrinkable, sends him back on the road in search of the nugget that will make them win the title.

Stanley (Adam Sandler) discovers a young Spaniard who is very promising. Against the advice of his club, he decides to bring him to the United States and train him. This young man is Juan Hernangomez who plays him. Pro player in NBA, he currently wears the colors of the Jazz.

Except for Adam Sandler, Ben Foster and Queen Latifah, all the others are from the NBA... Juan Hernangomez, Anthony Edwards, Kenny Smith, Kyle Lowry. For those who pay attention to details, LeBron James is one of the producers of the film!

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So, is this new film a success for Netflix?


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