Jarry's stand-up comedy on Amazon Prime Video

Jarry's stand-up comedy

Among the new comedians of the French scene, we know Jarry. Jarry is a nice and endearing guy who makes a lot of people laugh. And for those who don't know him as a comedian, it's maybe because he is also known as a TV host.

Amazon Prime Video has purchased the broadcast rights to its latest show to share with its subscribers. It is an Amazon Exclusive. The show is built like all stand-ups with few different shots. So you can concentrate on what the comedian says and enjoy his humor.

Here, it is radically different from what more established artists can offer us. We can think of Kev Adams or Gad Elmaleh who have conquered an audience and who don't really have anything to prove anymore. For Jarry, it's different. He is successful, but he is still building.

In his show, available from October 21, Jarry talks about his life, his experiences, in a funny, but also touching tone.

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