Like prey, a German thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat

as prey

German cinema was not, or no longer, about Derick. That was another era. It has evolved well and the studios are able to compete with American films. This is the case for this film, where the direction and the rhythm have nothing to envy to Hollywood feature films. Or the previous ones Tribes of Europa and Barbarians.

One could almost compare the film to others of the same genre. One can, for example, think of "A trip to Hell" with Paul Walker. It's not the movie he's best known for, but it sums up the mood. A movie that starts with a good atmosphere and suddenly turns into a nightmare because of a bad encounter. In the end, it leads to survival...

Like Prey does not take the road-trip route that ends in a bad trip, but rather the bachelor party route. At the beginning of the film, we meet 5 friends. At the occasion of a bachelor party, they go for a hike in the woods. Without them understanding why, they become the target of a mysterious shooter. A shooter that we only know through his gunshots. A real quest for survival begins as they try to find some rare help and get out of the woods unharmed.

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We can imagine that the pace will be frantic from beginning to end, except for the first 5 minutes of the film which offer us a little respite. To lead the action, Thomas Sieben is behind the camera. Apart from him and David Kross (The Reader), the actors in this film are not known on our side of the border. But in Germany, they have all already played in several films and are quite famous.