Love and monsters : the opinion of the internet users

love and monsters

Among the latest Netflix releases, Love and Monsters did not escape us. It has to be said that the post-apocalyptic genre has been a bit neglected these last years and that it has a hard time to come back to the forefront. This may be due to Resident Evil, which has been a bit too much on the line with its series of films...

In Love and Monsters, we are of course talking about monsters; and a little about love. To put it simply, the Earth has valiantly resisted a meteorite. Except that the remedy is almost worse than the problem since the atomic missiles have created monsters; kaijus. These monsters caused the end of civilization. 7 years later, the survivors live underground, protected from the monsters, including Joel. Joel was in love with Aimee when he was in high school, and he still is. Except that she lives a bit far away and that joining her is a bit of a suicidal adventure... All this with a well thought out bestiary and by remaining realistic, as for Shadow & Bone. Here's what Netflix subscribers thought of it:

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