Love Hard, the holidays are approaching with this first Christmas movie

Love Hard

Yes, it's only November, but Netflix is already carefully preparing for the holiday season. As a proof, this first thematic movie is nothing but a romantic comedy (as always).

As always, this film offers ultra typical characters. There is Natalie Bauer (played by Nina Dobrev). She is the young woman unhappy in love and looking for the prince charming. This young woman lives in Los Angeles and to find her soul mate, she does like everyone else: she uses a dating app. She falls for a man who lives on the East Coast. It's a bit far, but she decides to take a ticket to meet him.

To make matters worse for her, it's only a scam. However, the scammer has a big heart since he offers to play the intermediary so that she can concretize with his crush. Pure chance of things, he lives not very far from where she is at present.

The film is very straightforward and there are no surprises as to the outcome of the story. That said, we watch Nina Dobrev's character struggle with the trappings of love. In short, this is a Christmas movie.

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