Disaster movies on Netflix: our Top 10

top disaster movies

Netflix is ideal when you want to spend an evening watching your TV screen. The catalog of movies is huge and you can find everything. Among the genres that allow you to relax, there is the famous disaster movie. There is nothing like seeing Hollywood scriptwriters overflowing with imagination about a hypothetical end of the world. Hence our top 10!

San Andreas

The action movie is directed by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It must be said that his talent seduces and that he has really become a bankable actor in recent years. San Andreas is the name of a fault between two tectonic plates that runs along the entire American West Coast. Experts say that if it wakes up, it could destroy the whole of California. Guess what, that's what happens in this movie of the same name!


When it was released in theaters, Interstellar was a big hit. It is nice to see that Netflix has acquired the rights to the film to offer it to its subscribers. In a dystopian near future, the Earth has been burned by the sun, the soil does not produce much anymore. The solution of a handful of people is to send a spaceship in search of a new planet. Captivating scenario, superb special effects, choice casting, what do the people ask for?

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George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, two huge stars in a high tension huis-clos. For those who want suspense and a beautiful disaster scenario, this film is one of the best of the last ten years. It's also been a long time since the directors explored the anguish of space. Because the two actors play cosmonauts whose shuttle has been destroyed. For them, the time is linked to their oxygen reserve and their capacity to return to earth. What we particularly appreciate is the game of the camera which turns as if it was also in weightlessness.


The movie is not very young, but it is still very effective... With its tornadoes and waterspouts. For those who have never seen this blockbuster, it is the story of tornado chasers in the United States. Their goal: to analyze tornadoes in order to predict their appearance and limit the damage. But in reality, they are looking for the Big One, the one that can level everything in its path!

The 5ème wave

In this American movie, aliens have landed on Earth. More advanced, they have brought the world to its knees with 4 waves of destruction, each one more deadly than the other. The goal: to decimate humanity. Cassie, the heroine, is on the run looking for a way to survive. But the attacks haven't stopped, they've changed form. And this... is the 5thème vague.

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Rihanna on the big screen? Then this is the movie you have to see. The scenario is nothing exceptional... 3 American soldiers try to save the world from an alien invasion. Of course, the invader is over-armed, much more technologically advanced and the human defenses are shaken... Until they find the weak point. The film is full of special effects, and this is one of the big advantages of this film, which is reminiscent of the good old Independence Day.

Edge of Tomorrow

Cage, played by Tom Cruise, is enlisted to fight aliens. During the first fight, he kills a different creature and dies with it. From there, he relives the same day over and over again. If Tom Cruise had already tried his hand at disaster SF, the time loop taken from "Groundhog Day" is very enjoyable.


Natalie Portman plays a biologist searching for her missing husband. To find him, she joins a government expedition sent to analyze an area contaminated by an alien meteorite. Touching a bit on gore, SF, disaster scenario, we appreciate this film for its relatively slow development.


If it is not a disaster movie as such, we can not deny its disturbing side, its special effects and its scenario with twists. What's more, it stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Marion Cotillard. It doesn't take much more to be hooked on the film and its persistent suspense.

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World War Z

Brad Pitt has also tried his hand at the disaster genre, the zombie apocalypse and the end of the world. This movie is it. For fans of "28 Days Later", this film does not really transcend. Yet, it remains a very good blockbuster that managed to push zombie movies into the headlines. Which doesn't happen every day. The fact that Brad Pitt plays in it is a big part of it, but it doesn't take away from the charm of the action.