Murdered, the return of Halle Berry in Million Dollar Baby mode

bruised bruised

Like other films (one thinks of Red Noticefor example), Meurtrie took only a few days to reach the regional top 10 in many countries. It must be said that the film has what it takes to convince with a great cast, but also a well thought out scenario!

It's been a long time since Halle Berry appeared in a major film. We thought her time of glory was behind her with the X-Men saga and a role of James Bond girl. But her performance here is more than convincing in her role as a bruised fighter... As an actress, but not only... Since she also signs the direction of this feature film. The only black spot in the picture, the reception reserved by the professional critics who are a little harder towards her.

Adriane Lenox, Sheila Atim or Stephen McKinley Henderson gives the line to Halle Berry.

For those who have seen the film of Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby, released in 2004, Meurtrie (VO: Bruised), will have a little hint of déjà vu. Even if the film does not go in the same direction. However, the two heroines are fighters who want to be in the limelight.

For this film, MMA was chosen, question of current notoriety. Jackie Justice is no longer popular, she is even at the bottom of the hole. But it is without counting the rage and the hargne which lives in her. She is well decided to return in the octagon. To achieve this, she opts for the dark path of underground combat. It is what will see her being noticed by a promoter who will help her to reconquer her place.

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The story also has a personal dimension, between her relationship with her boyfriend / coach and the unexpected arrival of Manny, the child she abandoned at birth...