My name is Vendetta, an Italian action thriller

My name is Vendetta

Netflix has the art of regaling us with films from other cultures. It allows us to see what our neighbors are producing, but also that some stories are universal. In this case, and as its title indicates, we suspect that it will be about vendetta, about revenge. We can be sure that there will be action, hemoglobin and a sordid enough story to trigger it.

It's a sordid story, since it's the story of a former mafia henchman who is targeted. Except that the killers who come after him kill his wife and brother-in-law. It's like the synopsis of The Punisher. Not the series, the movie in this case! Just as we could see Liam Neeson in the lead role, arming himself with who knows what tool to make the enemies atone for their sins. This is not the case, but it proves that the theme fascinates and continues to attract the crowds.

To prepare their revenge, and in fact the entire film, the former criminal takes his daughter to safety in Milan, a rear base that he will use to go to war against his enemies.

Punchy and well-paced, the film is easy to watch. Relatively short, it was not necessary to do more, because here it is all about rhythm. Let's not talk about the end yet, since it is a parable, but we'll leave the surprise to the readers.

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This 2022 film is coming out on Netflix in the next few days.