Netflix is working on a series dedicated to Sissi the Empress

Sissi the Empress

When we talk about Sissi the Empress, we immediately think of Romy Schneider and that time when Hollywood still dared to make peplums and historical films. Since then, it's something that has disappeared, even if there have been some jolts... We can think of Gladiator or Troy with Brad Pitt. But since then, we haven't seen much... At least in film! Because in series, The Crown is crowned, it is the case to say it, of success.

So, it's the kind of thing that gives ideas to Netflix... What better way than to try to exploit the thread. It must be admitted that it is already well filled with other fictions that try to take advantage of a historical character, even if there are uchronies (Bridgerton) or more fiction (Anatomy of a scandal).

Sissi the Empress
Sissi the Empress played by Romy Schneider

But Netflix seems to want to get closer to the real history with a series based on the character of Sissi.

This is not just a whim. The series has already found its writer and directors. We even know that it will have 6 episodes. The casting has not been completely revealed, but the role of Sissi will fall to Devrim Lingnau and that of her husband Franz-Josef to Philip Froissant.

Finally, Netflix has not yet disclosed a trailer, the project being under construction. However, we can imagine a release at the end of this year and early next year!

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