No Exit, the exit will be difficult to find...

No Exit

Disney does not necessarily mean fairy tales or cartoons. For some time now, Disney+ has been expanding its catalog with films from all walks of life. Thus, there are also thrillers and films horror. No Exit is part of this movement, since it is a small, tight thriller that will make you shiver!

In fact, it is one of the most promising titles of the genre this month. The whole atmosphere is centered on a closed environment from which one only asks to get out.

At least, that's what the heroine, Darby Thorne, and the kidnapped girl she finds are longing for. Yes, Darby Thorne stops at a highway rest stop to take a break. The snowstorm in full swing prevents her from continuing on her way. A chance for this little girl who was locked in the back of a van!

The only drawback is that on this highway rest area, the culprit of the kidnapping cannot be far away. He is there, inside the building, hiding among the crowd.

The movie wouldn't be a movie if Darby didn't set out to unmask him and get into a real game of appearances!

We can only wait for the release of the title, we will judge on the images this very promising film.

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