A family in the ring 

A family in the ring 

For the end of the month, Amazon Prime Video has planned to release a few movies. Among them, an Amazon Exclusive called A Family in the Ring. As the title implies, we'll be heading to the ring to follow a family as they wrestle, literally and figuratively!

This September 20, we will be able to watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video and follow the life of a former wrestler. This one is at the end of his career and to survive, he has taken his family in this adventure. They go from room to room to perform and earn their living with the tickets. It is a simple life, without audacity, but which makes it possible to make ends meet.

However, the kids don't feel the same way. Their lives are ahead of them and they dream of the WWE shows with the audience, the TV screens and the money that goes with it. But the difference between the two worlds is huge.

That said, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Dayne The Rock Johnson knows this well

The story is sober, but effective and appealing. For those who love wrestling, some parts of the film will allow you to get your fill of fight scenes. On the background, the story is quite classic, similar to the one we saw in The Good Earth. The children want to forge their future by creating their own luck, while the parents sit on a situation they know well. The timeless theme of the American dream for those who dare!

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