Rainbow, a Spanish film that reinvents the quest film


Netflix is counting on the Spanish film Rainbow to add to its catalog later this month. You'd think this would be the least likely time for a release, but that's not always true. Often, subscribers have already devoured their favorite series, and you need to be able to find content that carries that time of the month. So Rainbow's mission is important as it comes out this September 30th.

That said, it has every chance of finding its audience and of hitting the bull's eye! Indeed, it has everything to succeed... An interesting cast, we come back to it, a fascinating scenario and a different editing.

When we say different, we mean it in the right sense of the word... It mixes different styles, a bit like musicals. However, here, the director Paco Leon goes further by adding visual elements to the frame in addition to the music and dances.

It is precisely about musicals, because the source of inspiration of the film is the Wizard of Oz where music is omnipresent. Just like the concept of the quest evoked in the title. Except that here, the rainbow at the end of the road is rather a concept. The journey is more important than the goal. Moreover, the story is revised to fit our time. Exit therefore the lion and the tin man...

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Finally, there is nothing to be ashamed of in the casting with names like Dora Postigo and Ayax Pedrosa (no connection with the motorcycle racer).