Is Ready Player One available on Netflix?

Ready Player One available on netflix

Welcome to a futuristic, dystopian world, where the virtual has taken over from the real... Well, almost. The kind of universe that Steven Spielberg likes to explore, because he gives a great freedom to the camera and to the development of the story.

History of the movie Ready Player One

Dystopian, this future is. The vast majority of the population lives in poverty, crammed together. The cause: an energy crisis, climate change, wars, famine. Elements that are not so foreign to us in the end and that allow us to project ourselves more or less easily into the skin of the hero, Wade Watts.

In this world, which wants to be sad and dull, there is a place where everything is fine: the Oasis. The Oasis is not real... It's a virtual reality world where any citizen can do whatever they want. In fact, all you need is a VR headset, gloves and a suit to get into it. Many people take refuge in it to escape from everyday life.

This virtual world contains an Easter Egg left behind by the late creator of Oasis, James Halliday. Whoever finds the Easter Egg will gain access to the vast fortune Halliday left behind. The search for the egg will turn into a quest, even a fierce hunt where all the blows are allowed. Wade and Art3mis, his sidekick, will embark on this adventure at the risk of their lives.

Ready Player One, one of the latest films directed by Steven Spielberg is in the Netflix catalog

Ready Player One, available on Netflix?

Good news for fans of Spielberg and the SF genre. Ready Player One is available on Netflix since June 2021. Having just arrived in the catalog, the film will certainly remain for several months. It all depends on the agreement that the streaming platform has with Warner Bros, which handles the distribution of the film.

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However, we appreciate that Netflix has opted for this film, released in 2018 and which is a little gem thanks to the work of the director. The latter has moreover taken care to refine his script and insert a multitude of references. Like the nickname of Wade which is Parzival, in reference to the knights of the round table. All in all, he too has embarked on a quest. But it will take a very good general culture and knowledge of pop culture to detect them all!

We can recognize Spielberg's touch here, who has a taste for detail and who invests himself fully in his projects. And even if the actors selected for the casting are not the most famous, he manages to get the best out of them.

For those who appreciate the film, there is one more good news. Indeed, in late 2020, it was confirmed that a sequel, logically titled Ready Player Two, is in the works. However, no release date has been advanced to date, nor even a plot.