Red Notice, the Netflix action blockbuster

Red Notice

Red Notice is the new attempt of Netflix to impose itself in the Hollywood landscape. Moreover, the budget has nothing to envy, nor the special effects, nor the stars called to the cast.

Of stars, we speak of Dwayne Johnson, of Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The three actors are the locomotives of the film and the ones who are supposed to attract new subscribers on the streaming platform. The Rock plays upright federal agent John Hartley, a profiler in pursuit of a skilled burglar Nolan Booth. The latter looks like an Arsène Lupin, except that his character is not at all a gentleman. Ryan Reynolds infuses him with the self-mockery found in Deadpool. The two characters, who are at odds with each other, will have to team up to put behind bars the other criminal of the film, Sarah Black, played by Gal Gadot.

As you can see, the characters are on the verge of being clichés, generic characters with no real depth. It is the actors who really give them life and an endearing personality. In this game, it is Gal Gadot who is the best, even if Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds deliver a very convincing performance. The chemistry works well and you can feel it.

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However, the scenario is where the problem lies... It is much too predictable, lacks freshness and the spectator can get tired of the many predictable turns of events. Even the ending does not surprise...

In the end, it's typically the kind of movie you go to the cinema knowing that you'll put your brain on "off." Except that this time, you can watch it directly from your sofa.