Richie Rich, adorable and mischievous !

Richie Rich

Here's a movie that came out almost 20 years ago that will please a lot of Netflix subscribers. It features the child star of the time, Macauley Culkin. Even though he has disappeared from the Hollywood radar now, he remains a reference for all those who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s. He can also be found in the well-known "Mommy Missed the Plane."

In this film, he plays Richie Rich, the son of a billionaire, if his name hadn't tipped you off. What's more, we don't skimp on the clichés of the rich, still valid today. Between the fast food integrated in the home, the double eight or the copy of Mount Rushmore version family, nothing is spared! Richie has everything but one thing, friends. He's all alone in his vast estate and misses the company of other children. The twist in the story comes when his parents' plane crashes and he finds himself all alone, facing a villainous character with an eye on his fortune. Fortunately, he meets some young people, not quite from his background, who help him.

Certainly, the film has aged and this can be felt on the images. But the character of the story and the good humor that transpires remain intact. It is therefore time to introduce this film to new generations.

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Let's point out that Netflix also has in its catalog a series called Richie Rich, which is based on the eponymous movie. Unfortunately, it is not worth a kopek compared to the original!