Are the Rocky movies available on Netflix?


Rocky Balboa the boxer, Silvester Stallone, the Italian Stallion and the famous music of Eye of the Tiger. Who does not know these mythical elements of the film. A film that became a saga, then with its own derivatives. In this case, the Creed films that follow the son of the former opponent of Rocky...

What is the story?

First of all, Rocky is not a movie, but a series of films, the number of which amounts to 8, the last of which dates back to 2018. It is Silvester Stallone who really embodies the series. And even for the two movies Creed and Creed 2, it's the fact that Stallone is in it that drives people to the theater to see it.

Stallone, alias Rocky Balboa, is an Italian-American boxer. He is not very famous. And his life is far from being easy. He comes from a poor neighborhood, didn't have much money to train, but did it. He even became world champion.

In the original, 1976, Philadelphia is in a period of economic misery. To make a living, Rocky works as a debt collector. In other words, he beats up people who owe money to a loan shark. But he is also a boxer. In a short time, the world heavyweight boxing championship will take place. And against all odds, Rocky is offered the chance to fight the undefeated world champion: Apollo Creed!

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The whole movie revolves around Rocky's training by an old school trainer, then the fight as the climax of the movie! If it looks like a Disney ending, it's not. It is Creed who wins the match, Rocky having no chance to win. But he wins the hearts of the journalists and his girlfriend for having held on for 15 rounds!

The second film, entitled The Revenge, focuses on the return fight between the two men and Rocky comes out on top. In the third film, he will have to defend the title he won from Creed. The sequel becomes less gripping. Except for Creed which offers a new vision, a new generation!

Rocky Balboa, aka the Italian Stallion

Rocky, available on Netflix?

Netflix does not own the broadcasting rights to the Rocky series. And it's a shame, we lack action movies like The Old Guard. Fortunately, the mythical film series can be found on the competing platform. Namely, Amazon Prime Video. All the Rocky movies, until the 6th one, entitled Rocky Balboa, are available there. The two films of the historical arc Creed are not available on any platform for the moment.

You will be able to watch at home all Silvester Stallone's movies, from his fights with Apollo Creed to the one with Mason "The Line" Dixon in the last opus, through the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago.


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