Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in The Gray Man: new info

The Gray Man is the new ambitious project of Netflix. Well... New, not so much. Because the film should be released on the platform on July 22. But indeed, it is a very big production.

Thus, the project is close to 200 million dollars and is considered the next blockbuster of the platform that should break everything and break records. Just like Red Notice or even Adam through time.

On this one, you can't go wrong. That's why Netflix only hired big names. Worthy of the Hollywood studios. In the script, we find the parents of Captain America and Avengers: Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely. Their goal was to transpose the novel of the same name to the screen.

In front of the camera, there are also two big names who will play the title roles. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Between them, they are two reasons to go to the movie theaters. We bet they will produce a lot of clicks on the platform. In this film, they will play Lloyd Hansen (Evans) and Gentry (Gosling), two former CIA teammates on a deadly hunt.

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