Ryan Reynolds teams up with Stranger Things director

Adam through time

Some time ago, Ryan Reynolds signed a contract with Netflix. Just like other big Hollywood stars like Adam Sandler (Home Team). Through this contract, the star committed to deliver several films to Netflix against a remuneration amounting to 20 million dollars per film. Like Red Notice or Six Underground. The next film in question will be Adam Through Time.

So it will be one of those blockbusters that Netflix is starting to get used to producing. It will not be released in theaters, however. We put the small dishes in the big with Ryan Reynolds, necessarily, and Shawn Levy who directed the series Stranger Things. The film will clearly be science fiction oriented, as Adam will travel in time to find himself when he was only 13 years old. At this point, we think that the pitch of the movie is clearly seen and seen again. But we clearly expect to see some twists in the story and a lot of cleverly done special effects. Just watch the trailer for that!

In addition to Ryan Reynolds as the (very big) engine, the film can count on the support of actors of choice. Mark Ruffalo, who we saw as Huld in the MCU. But also Jennifer Garner who makes a successful comeback on the platform, with Yes Day released a few months ago.

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Clearly, this is the kind of film that is a hit at the cinema and that moves the crowds!