SAS: Rise of the Black Swan: the opinion of Internet users

sas rise of the black swan

This action film plunges us into a hostage situation in the Channel Tunnel. 400 people are held by criminals who are torn between revenge and greed. The English film stars Sam Heughan, who has been seen in Outlander and The Spy Who Dumped Me. He plays an agent of the SAS, the British special forces with Tom Hopper at his side. Opposite him, Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) in the role of the unscrupulous mercenary, with an army behind her.

The film does not revolutionize the genre, with Crystal Trap as an absolute reference of the genre. However, even if the beginning of the film is a bit slow and you have to hang on, the rest of the film is much easier to watch and it can be a pleasant surprise. However, is this the opinion of all the subscribers?

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