Schumacher, the documentary on the F1 champion


Who doesn't know the star of the podiums, the German in a Ferrari who has illuminated motorsport for years? Netflix has prepared a small documentary, similar to the one on the MotoGPwhich traces the career of the seven-time world champion. A way to rediscover the man, but also an era.

Schumacher stepped out of the spotlight years ago. It's been 17 years since his last title. And if we are still talking about him today, it is only because the media is still a little interested in his health.

We reassure ourselves immediately, the documentary was approved by the family. So there will be no voyeurism or misplaced images in this feature film. However, it is not a film to praise the star. The producers have maneuvered well to also address the controversies around the pilot. One thinks in particular of Jerez in 1997, where the driver went (too far?) to win.

Not surprisingly, the film focuses on the 1994 season, when Ayrton Senna died in a race. It was a pivotal year for the driver after his two seasons at Benetton. Two seasons that we approach from the first minutes and which propose some beautiful images of archives.

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If the races occupy the majority of the images, we also have the right to discover the man behind the pilot. His relationship with his wife Corinna, his doubts after his exclusion in 1997, etc. Another way to discover the Formula 1 champion.

At the end of the documentary, we must admit that it remains objective, which can be rare when we know the pressures that the family can exert on the producers. For all that, here, everyone seems to be respected and to offer a tribute to the man as well as to the pilot without masking the mistakes that he could have made, and which finally happens to everyone!