Sentinel, a French film that is a hit in the United States

sentinel movie netflix

Lately, a French film steals the show from all the big productions on Netflix. Its name: Sentinel. It is an action movie directed by Julien Leclercq which, in short, is a story of revenge.

Said like that, one could think that it is a low budget nano movie with a poorly written scenario. Well, it's not completely false, but not completely true either. We have to admit that the script is summarized in three lines and that it has nothing to envy to a Guy Ritchie script. In short, it is the story of a soldier who seeks to avenge the rape of her sister by the son of a Russian oligarch.

Assigned to Operation Sentinel, Klara finds a more personal mission

But it would be wrong to say that this is a low-budget film, that the action or the scenario are absent. What's more, the cast, even if it is not plethoric, brings some good actors. Like Olga Kurylenko who plays the title role. We have already seen her in James Bond Quantum of Solace, Olivion or November Man.

Finally, Julien Leclercq signs here his second feature film for the American platform. He imposes himself more and more as a sure value of the group that may still count on him in the future. Especially since the director appreciates the freedom that Netflix allows him. As a reminder, his first Netflix film was "Earth and Blood", another action film that had won quite a lot of success last year.

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Sentinel, on the other hand, proves that French cinematographic art is far from lagging behind and can seduce large audiences. As did Lupin at the beginning of the year in terms of series and like films like Bronx by Olivier Marchal.