Sophie Marceau in the movie I Love America from Amazon Prime Video

i love america marceau

Amazon is giving a big boost to its streaming platform. It's done so by buying the studio MGM and its huge catalog of films and series. This also involves the acquisition of broadcasting rights for sporting events. We saw this with the acquisition of the rights to the French Ligue 1, which offended many. Finally, and Amazon Prime Video has started relatively timidly, is to attract big movie stars in original productions. Like Netflix, which is a master in this art ... Ryan Reynolds in 6 underground, Mark Walhberg in Spencer Confidential are two examples.

Amazon Prime Video offers a movie with Sophie Marceau

That said, Amazon Prime Video had already tried the experiment some time ago. We think of Julia Roberts in the series Homecoming and to a lesser extent Kate Beckinsale in The Widow.

In 2022, it will be Sophie Marceau's turn to be part of an original production of the platform with the film I Love America.

In the film, the actress plays Lisa, a mother who finds herself alone after the death of her mother and the departure of her children from the family home. And if the title is called I Love America, it is because she flies to the United States to join Luka, her best friend. He manages a drag queen bar in Los Angeles... Through this departure, she hopes to (re)find love. To do so, she will register on a dating website. Between embarrassment and disillusionment during the "dates", she will discover that it's all about finding yourself before finding love...

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