Sparkshots, the twenty-something, short film from Pixar


Pixar is offering us some short films for the fall via the Sparkshots program. In September, two titles should arrive, The Twenties, as well as Nona slightly later in the month.

The Twenty Something is about the difficulty of coming of age, the transition we all go through. This short film is directed by Aphton Corbin, from Pixarwho has already worked on big projects such as Toy Story 4.

The main character of the story is Gia. The director compares herself to her, evoking an almost personal connection. Gia is a mixture of several types of children trying to come of age.

Because becoming an adult is complicated. Sometimes you master the subject completely, sometimes you really don't feel up to it. A feeling of perpetual insecurity, of anxiety. And it is what transpires most of this cartoon.

Addressed to children, they also speak to parents who will recognize some of what they have experienced.

Release scheduled for September 10, before a new release of a short film. On September 20th, this time, with a short film called Nona. The theme is about grandparents and how they are often asked to look after their grandchildren. An activity that they like, but that cuts into their free time, which they would like to enjoy...

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