Are Star Wars movies available on Netflix?

star wars available netflix

Since 1977, Georges Lucas has been making us dream with his first Star Wars trilogy. Since then, two other trilogies have been released and we still enjoy seeing Wookies, Ewoks and lightsabers on the screen.

The history of the Star Wars films

Star Wars is much more than a story. It's an entire universe with several arcs, each focusing on a particular character. In the original trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), the main character is Luke Skywalker. A young boy who has inherited Jedi powers and who will fight against a tyrannical Empire that has a stranglehold on many planets. The nemesis is Darth Vader!

The second trilogy comes chronologically before the first films and explores the character of Darth Vader. Or rather, how he became one, by force of circumstance, when all was destined to serve the good in the Jedi Order. From Anakin Skywalker's childhood, when he leaves his planet to follow Obiwan Kenobi, to his fateful meeting with Chancellor Palpatine. The latter will become the Emperor in the original trilogy, and will take advantage of Anakin's sentimental weaknesses to make him turn to the dark side of the Force.

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Finally, the third trilogy explores an even different temporality, taking place after the first films. About 30 years later... We find Luke Skywalker, aged, and the still powerful siths who do not wish to give up power. It is also the advent of new characters, more in phase with our time. However, the great themes of the duality of good and evil, of oppression, etc. are still present.

Disney+ owns the rights to Star Wars and guards them jealously for its platform

Star Wars movies, available on Netflix?

Currently, the films of the Star Wars franchise are not available on Netflix. In fact, it is unlikely that they will be included in the streaming service's catalog.

Indeed, it is the Disney Company that owns the broadcasting rights of the entire franchise. The company bought them from George Lucas for several billion dollars a few years ago. The objective for Disney is to produce content and develop the universe to, of course, make its investment profitable. This is why Disney has produced a new trilogy, but also made the content exclusive. This means that Star Wars movies are only available on its Disney+ platform.

The franchise attracts millions of viewers and brings in a lot of money. So Disney jealously guards its nugget to develop its platform and offer a sure value to its subscribers.

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Good news also, Disney produces series and derivative films on a regular basis. For example, the Mandalorian or even The Battle of Endorreleased in the summer of 2021. This original content is, of course, also only available on Disney+.