Peter Rabbit, a children's movie just available on Netflix

rabbit stone

Peter Rabbit is not an original Netflix production. The film was actually released a few years ago in theaters in 2018 as a Columbia Pictures production. It appealed to many children, which prompted the producers to create a sequel released during 2021 in theaters.

What better way for Netflix to acquire the rights to this great children's movie a few weeks before the end of the year. We know that Netflix loves this kind of movies, but usually keep them for a short time to be able to offer new content. This is how Hop, or even Harry Potterhad disappeared a few years ago.

In this film, we head to the English countryside. Peter Rabbit is a field rabbit, he is happy and lives with his family. He even has a human best friend, Beatrix, who cuddles him and paints him.

However, that's not what this rabbit likes best. What he likes is to go and steal vegetables from the neighbor's garden, the terrible McGregor. After an unfortunate accident, McGregor dies "because of Peter Rabbit" and his nephew, who has come from London, comes to restore the house with a view to selling it.

Having grown up in the city, he has a lot of difficulties with the countryside, which he disdains... Until he falls under Beatrix's spell.

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A rivalry between Peter Rabbit and young McGregor is established. A rivalry that will lead to funny situations that children will appreciate.

Let's hope that Netflix acquires the rights to the sequel to continue laughing!