Sweet Girl, a fast-paced action thriller

Sweet Girl

Jason Momoa, best known for his roles as Ronon Dex, Khal Drogo or Aquaman, has an original Netflix movie in which he does not disappoint.

What is it about?

In this film, a man swears to avenge the death of his wife. Between this thirst for revenge and him, his daughter whom he wants to protect, since she is all he has left.

Revenge, or violence as the case may be, is the only way the man found to give his wife justice. Sick, she did not receive the necessary care, because the drug that was supposed to save her was no longer on the market. When he discovered that this withdrawal was linked to the payment of kickbacks, he decided to act.

The film starts slowly. We are surprised when we know that it is catalogued as an action film. This editing is in fact a way to better tame the characters, and especially their pain. The first scenes are commented in voice-over by Jason Momoa.

What follows is much more appropriate since it is a succession of chases and fights that bring the film to the heart of the matter. And thus of the revenge...

What we think

For this film, Netflix offers the services of a Hollywood star, another one, after Jean-Claude van Damme and many others. Isabela Merced accompanies her in the casting as the girl. Her role as Dora the Explorer in the film released in 2019 revealed her to the general public. Isabela Merced signs here a film in a completely different register! She convinces in the role of the girl as much as Momoa in the skin of the dark hero

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Behind the camera, it is a beginner of the feature film, Brian Mendoza. However, he manages to capture all the intensity of the scenes to project the viewer into the action.