Tekken Bloddline, the adaptation of the eponymous video game

tekken Bloodline

When you have a successful title, it's hard not to give in to the sirens and create spin-off products. Sonic the Hedgehog has been adapted, as has Dota, League of LegendsQuake, Doom, Witcher, Resident Evil and many others. So why not one of the most famous fighting game titles.

Tekken, which has nothing to do with Taken, will be available on the platform with the red N as of this August 18 for the greatest happiness of fans of the genre and the video game. Logically, the film is designed for a male audience, fond of fighting scenes. The whole thing takes the form of an anime.


In this film, Jin Kazama was taught by the great fighters. But no matter how diligent he is, it was not possible for him to save his family. An evil being passed by. Jin has nothing left, except the revenge as leitmotiv. He swears to avenge those he has lost. To succeed in overcoming this being, he must obtain the absolute power. He will go through the King of Iron Fist tournament to obtain it.

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