Is the animated film Secret Agent Barbie available on Netflix?

barbie secret agents

Since her creation in 2019, Barbie has seen generations of little girls grow up. And if, at the beginning, there were only dolls, the universe created by Mattel was very quickly enriched by many other dolls and accessories. Today, series and movies, such as Barbie: Secret Agents, are legion. But are they available on Netflix? Not always.

What is the story?

Barbie is a doll with a thousand and one lives. In the store shelves, she is in turn a horse trainer, a nurse or a mermaid. She goes around in her camper, her sports car or any other vehicle. She can do it alone, or with Chelsea, Chelsea and all the others.

In this movie, as you can guess, Barbie is a secret agent. Something to make little girls dream. But it's also a great argument for boys to watch a Barbie movie.

In this film Barbie is part of a gymnastics club. She and her two friends (Renee and Teresa) are quite good. During a training session, Renee's Aunt Zoe approaches them. In reality, she is the director of an intelligence agency. She is the very famous Agent Z.

The three friends are convinced by Aunt Zoe and decide to join the academy that trains secret agents.

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But that's not all! Because in reality, they have to stop a thief with gymnastic talents. Their abilities in this discipline are an asset, despite their dilettantism. The thief's goal is to get hold of three stones that can destroy the world when put together.

Faced with this important and perilous task, Barbie, Teresa and Renee find help in Agent Dunbar who trains them, Lazlo a sort of Geo Troublemaker and Percy a perceptive robot dog.

Will they succeed in their mission? You have to watch the movie to find out.

Children will be captivated by this film that has everything to please. Even if it does not come from a big studio like the Mitchell or otherBut it is still quite qualitative. For the parents, it will be the occasion to spot all the references to James Bond and other famous secret agents! There are some of them...

Secret Agent Barbie, available on Netflix?

The film produced by Universal Studio was released in 2016. So it's been a few years since it's been available and the price of its broadcast right has come down nicely. Enough for a streaming platform to take an interest in it.

This is the case of Netflix, which acquired the rights some time ago. However, these ended and the film disappeared from the platform in 2022.

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However, it has reappeared on the Apple TV, for those who have this service.

Those who don't have it, however, can take comfort in the many other Barbie titles available on Netflix. There are notably 3 seasons of Dreamhouse Adventures, the movie Barbie Adventure by Princess, or Barbie Apprentice Princess.