Is Tous En Scène available on Netflix?

all in scene available netflix

A few years ago the production company Illumination Entertainment has, bad pun intended, enlightened us with a very nice cartoon. It is about Tous En Scène. In this animated film, the animals speak and sing, to the delight of the little ones (and the older ones too).

What is the story?

Tous En Scène is a story as old as the world. It's simply about making your dream come true. Here, it is not only one character who will realize his dream, but several... Each one at his own level.

What is interesting is how each of their respective actions will enable the others to rise up and achieve their dream. The spirit of collaboration is very strong behind the drawings and words. In fact, the message to the children is important.

On the one hand, one must never give up and always pursue one's dreams. And that even if the problems follow one another... We see it at will with Buster Moon who accumulates financial problems, those of the director, to find scenery and singers for his show...

On the other hand, the message is also to collaborate. You get further if you work together than if you stay in your corner.

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Of course, these messages are hidden under a layer of drawings and childish words. But it's there!

Precisely, in terms of drawing, we are spoiled. Nothing is left to chance and is worthy of the big productions. We expected nothing less from the studio... It is after all him who is behind the series of films Me, Ugly and Bad!

The same goes for the script, which is meticulous. It mixes moments of suspense / action with moments of songs and much more intimate passages about the characters (to identify with them). Result: an emotional roller coaster.

Finally, it is also the occasion to hear some of our stars embodying animals. Patrick Bruel is the voice of Buster Moon, the hero, while Jenifer lends her voice to another key character! Just like Laurent Gerra, who we can't get enough of.

Tous En Scène, available on Netflix?

No, All in a Row is not available on Netflix. It hasn't appeared there since its release in 2016. There's no doubt that adding the title would be a big coup on the part of the firm with the red N, but it seems that discussions about it have come to a halt. The title is also not found on rival platforms Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.