The tape, a drama and an initiation quest

the cassette

From the beginning of December, Netflix offers us a new movie. It is a drama, but accessible to the whole family. So we are far from what we saw in 13 Reasons Why where the dark side prevailed over the family aspect of entertainment.

We find ourselves plunged into the 1990s. Beverly finds a cassette. It is a musical compilation recorded by her parents, who have since passed away. The title of the film is inspired by this famous cassette which will act as a catalyst on the young girl.

While Beverly is an orphan, badly in her skin and hardly 12 years old, this tape will project her in her parents' adolescence. A way for her to know more about her parents, but also to better understand how to approach this new period of her life. All this, with music...

When we talk about an initiation quest, we mean that all her songs will have an effect on her life and transform her. She feels bad about herself and manages to befriend her neighbor, which was not the case before. She meets a record store owner who helps her find each of the songs on the tape, etc.

The cast includes Gemma Brooke Allen. Little known, those who watched the action movie Kate will remember that she played the young heroine. Jackson Rathbone, Julie Bowen complete the cast. Behind the camera Valerie Weiss acts, she who has already directed several episodes of series is here at the helm of a film of 1h33.

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