Is the Deadpool movie available on Netflix?


Batman, Superman, League of Justice or the Avengers, Hollywood has the flair to offer us superheroes who save the world. Even if they are sometimes psychologically tortured. Tortured is precisely the term we can use for Deadpool, who is tortured in his head. He has everything but the attitude of a superhero and doesn't check any box to be considered as such... And yet!

What is the story?

Deadpool is basically a comic book character. On screen, he is played by Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, the real name of Deadpool. This one is a mercenary. He accepts contracts for a fee. This life suits him and he even found love. But there is a shadow in the picture. He has cancer. One of those that cannot be cured and for which we hope that an experimental treatment exists.

"Fortunately" for Wade Wilson, there is indeed one. An experimental treatment that should save him. At least, that's what it says on the paper he's given. In reality, the treatment should turn him into a docile slave.

But it fails... Wade becomes almost immortal. But he is disfigured in the process. He escapes from the lab and sets out to find the person who disfigured him. That's why Deadpool uses a full mask to hide his face that he finds ugly. In the process, he develops one of the most powerful humor. At the same time intelligent and heavy.

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This is actually one of the points that will make the success of the film, along with the action and the interpretation of the role. It will even make it one of the best films of 2016, despite its ban on those under 17!

It's not the first time that Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of Deadpool. In fact, he had already done it a first time in 2009 in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A minor role, but determining in the choice of the actor. Then, he will wear the suit again for the sequel, Deadpool 2 in an action/comedy movie that seduces the fans, always with as much humorous.

Deadpool has an explosive dark humor!

Deadpool, available on Netflix?

The Deadpool movie is unfortunately not available on Netflix. In the offbeat, anti-hero humor genre, the streaming platform has another title: Suicide Squad.

In the battle between the big streaming groups to acquire the broadcasting rights, it is Amazon Prime Video that has won this battle. Indeed, this action movie with Ryan Reynolds is in its catalog. And therefore free for those who have a Prime subscription. It must be said that the movie attracts a young audience and allows to spend a good time in front of the TV while enjoying a black humor!