The Genie Dragon, second animated feature film for children

the dragon genie

Less than a month ago, Netflix released in its catalog The Mitchells versus the machines. It is an animated film for children produced by Sony Pictures Animation. This time, it is a second film from the same studio that Netflix is about to unveil: The Genie Dragon.

This 1h38 film tackles a rather classic theme, but one that still works. That of the penniless boy and the good genie who promises him wishes. Yes, this is clearly the story of Aladdin. And for all that, we are not necessarily disappointed by the way the story evolves, nor by the way the animation film is sold in its trailer...

On the story side, we find ourselves in Shanghai. It must be said that the weight of the Middle Kingdom is increasingly felt in films and China is becoming an increasingly common scene (Abominable, for example). Din is a penniless student and Long is a wish-fulfilling dragon. Together, they go in search of Lina, an old friend of Din's whom he hasn't seen in a long time.

The drawings are well done, the story is understandable and linear enough to satisfy the youngest. On their side, parents will enjoy a movie with some twists and turns, existential questions (the same as in Aladdin), etc. Note that Jackie Chan co-produces the film with Aron Warner from Shrek. This gives a pledge of seriousness, and in any case, the animation studio is of quality too. In the end, the film should be very well suited for a family popcorn night. An evening to plan from June 11, date of release of the animated film The Genie Dragon.

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