The Dropout, the fall will be hard

The Dropout

The Dropout is a new movie signed by Disney+. The feature film will be available on April 20 for all subscribers and will feature Amanda Seyfried in the lead role.

Having had a very lively start to his career, the Hollywood star began to fall into oblivion in the 2010s. After a few moderately successful films, the studios gradually turned to other names in the making. The actress, however, has never stopped. Recently, we see her in the cast of several films. In particular originals for Netflix, or this one for The Dropout. Enough to put the foot back in the saddle.

In this film, she plays Elizabeth Holmes, a famous entrepreneur. At just 19 years old, the young woman creates her own company, Therano. Her principle is simple, to use the current technology to be able to produce medical diagnostic tools faster and especially less expensive than those manufactured by laboratories. In fact, the project has attracted a lot of interest and has become a unicorn. In Silicon Valley, Elizabeth Holmes was a success story to follow!

But the momentum doesn't last. The Wall Street Journal exposes the deception. It's a descent into hell for the start-up and for the entrepreneur. She is accused of fraud and convicted.

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