Are the 50 Shades of Grey movies available on Netflix?

50 shades of grey

50 Shades of Grey is basically a series of novels. But the popularity of the books with a certain audience has pushed Hollywood to be interested. Then to buy the rights and turn a best-seller into a success story on the screens. And that makes it possible to make fantasize as much as the books without never passing in too daring scenes!

What is the story?

50 Shades of Grey is a trilogy of films adapted for the screen from the novels of the same name. These were published by E.L. James.

The story takes place mainly in Seattle, Washington. And this is not a coincidence, we will talk about it later...

They feature two characters. On the one hand, Anastasia Steele, a young student of 21 years. On the other hand, Christian Grey, a 27 year old billionaire. Anastasia will meet Christian for an interview she has to conduct for her university newspaper.

One thing leading to another, and through chance encounters, the two characters will start to develop an attraction. Attraction that turns into sexual desire. This attraction will be curbed by Christian Grey whose morals are somewhat different. Moreover, he makes Anastasia sign a confidentiality clause. Once this is signed, he will be able to practice his sexual games, linked to BDSM, with her. At first light, the fantasies will become more and more hard until the eventual break-up.

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The first installment was quite successful as it amassed over $500 million at the box office. The sequel, 50 Shades Darker in which their relationship resumes. It will also be an opportunity for Anastasia to discover Christian's personality. Finally, the third installment, 50 Shades Lighter, focuses on their blossoming relationship and their plans for the future, even though new threats are on the horizon.

If the action takes place in Seattle, it is not for nothing. E.L. James started writing an erotic romance based on the universe of Twilight. Anastasia and Christian replace Bella and Edward to become an original story!

Ana and Christian are in perfect love, but he has certain desires that not all women are ready to accept

The 50 Shades of Grey movies, available on Netflix?

Netflix is doing it right. Unfortunately only half well. Indeed, of the trilogy in question, Netflix only has the first part, 50 Shades of Grey, in its catalog. It is likely that the other films will soon join the selection, but this is not yet the case. One of the possible reasons for this absence is the price of the broadcasting rights of the last two parts, which are more recent than the first (2017 instead of 2015).

So we can enjoy this film adaptation of Universal Pictures during a party. And enjoy the few hot scenes offered by the film with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

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As for the other two films, they are also not available on other popular streaming platforms.