The first rule of Fight Club...

fight club

It's been 22 years since the film was released and it still stands as one of the references of the cinematographic art. The film was not supposed to be so popular, but the public's enthusiasm brought it to the forefront. To the delight of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

The film is a social satire and coldly depicts the America of the late 20ème century. Even today, it echoes, as little has changed. We are immediately interested in the narrator, played by Edward Norton. The man is the archetype of the loser, the outcast of society. A job without much future, health problems, etc.. He pretends to be sick in various discussion groups until he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). This last one makes him tip over little by little in another world.

The two of them set up the Fight Club, a men-only club where you can fight and governed by strict rules. An outlet. They also set up shop in an abandoned house. As the scenes progress, their life of chaos takes shape. The Fight Club gradually turns into a militia and it nurtures a project, Project Chaos, led by Durden and about which the narrator knows nothing.

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Inevitably, the slippage is not far away and the narrator tries to escape as he can from this universe he has built. Because yes, he has built it. And it is on this point that the film now focuses, examining the personality of this narrator.

The film was released this 1er October on Netflix and it will be the occasion to dive back into this dark universe that did not seduce at the time of its release. But it is now a cultural reference.