Is the movie Girl In The Basement available on Netflix?

girl in the basement available on netflix

There are creepy stories that come out from time to time in the press. This film, Girl in the Basement, is an adaptation of a true story. It is necessary to have a good heart to watch the film until the end. Here, we are not in the register of theTinder scammeror even that of the doctor who impregnated his patients with his own sperm. This is a whole new level. So, also available on Netflix?

What is the story?

The film takes the main elements of a true story. However, some points have been adapted. For reasons of filming, but also of length of film, repetitiveness and scenaristic needs.

Thus, one of the most shocking points has been shortened. Indeed, the girl in question, the main character of the story, had 7 children in total. However, the film counts only 4.

In terms of the scenario, however, we remain close to what the truth was for this poor innocent woman. Let's come back to this sordid fact.

Sarah is a young girl. From one day to the next, she disappears... Investigators start looking for her. Very quickly, they suspect the father. But letters arrive by mail. Sarah explains that she ran away with a boyfriend, whom her parents did not appreciate. The investigation is closed.

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However, the young girl is not far away... She is in the cellar of the family home. Her father is holding her. And it is not to tell her a good story. He rapes her and abuses her for his own pleasure.

Inevitably, she becomes pregnant. From this unnatural union, children are born. The father has to find a way to raise them. From then on, he forces his daughter to write letters. They accompany the children who are left in front of the grandparents' door, asking them to adopt the infants.

This ordeal will last 20 years before the girl can escape from this nightmare.

Of course, this kind of story is chilling. One can wonder how this is possible. However, predators do exist. This type of story is regularly on the news. Nevertheless, it is repeated so much the pattern of these people is difficult to determine.

Girl in the Basement, available on Netflix?

Girl in the Basement is a film released in 2021. Small production, from a little known studio (Big Dreams Entertainment, Liftime, Swirl Films), it did not have a long life. It is therefore dedicated to be found on streaming platforms fairly soon.

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Currently, it is not yet available on Netflix. Other suspense or horror films are available while waiting for its release on the small screens, such as Room 39 or Jan Broberg's Stolen Childhood.

Among competitors, we do not find this title in the catalogs either. However, it is possible to watch it with Prime, but this implies buying the film.


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