The Harder They Fall, the Netflix western that is a hit

The Harder They Fall

Jeymes Samuel signs with The Harder They Fall his first feature film. It is a success with a return to the Western that revisits the genre, just as Django Unchained had managed to do in its time.

First note, we notice that the cast is mostly composed of black actors and not necessarily slaves. Too often, they are reduced to this type of role when the reality was quite different at the time. As the director points out, 1 cowboy out of 4 was black, which largely justifies the large place of African-Americans in this type of production.

For all that, the film does not attempt to depict racism, which too many films do. A chance for the spectator who will be entitled to a breath of fresh air.

But if he evades racism, what can he tell? Simply a western story. The pitch is simple. Nat Love wants to avenge the death of his parents. To do this, he will reform his old gang and go hunting for the murderers. This promises to be bloody (without being too bloody). So it is affordable for a wide audience, even those who are strangers to the genre and will be able to enjoy a new setting while having a good story to tell.

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On the casting side, the production did not skimp. In addition to Idris Elba that everyone knows, we find in the role of Nat Love Jonathan Majors, also known for his role of Kang the Conqueror in the series Loki. Also seen on other productions, Zazie Beetz, including the famous Joker and Deadpool 2!