The Last Mercenary, Van Damme in a French action comedy

the last mercenary netflix

Jean-Claude Van Damme was rare. And even if it's not the first time he's tried his hand at comedy rather than action, it's a big first in a movie distributed by Netflix!

The pitch

Van Damme plays Richard Brumère, known as La Brume. Because like the mist, we feel him, but we don't see him. A former Special Forces operative who became a mercenary, he lives in the shadows. Until the day when, to help his son, he returns to France. Indeed, the latter is a victim of identity theft by an arms dealer. But above all, he has had his immunity withdrawn by a civil servant, which sends all those who want to get rid of La Brume once and for all after him.

Alongside Van Damme, there are French actors able to give the line to the living legend of martial arts, but also lesser known actors, such as the son. Among the big names on the poster, we have Miou-Miou, Patrick Timsit, Ramzy (from Eric and Ramzy) or Alban Ivanov. It is the more comical part of the cast that is used to this theme. Van Damme, for his part, sticks rather to the fight, even if his somewhat awkward side in the relationship with his son (for whom he is an unknown) is very well interpreted.

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What do we think?

As for the scenario, there is not much to reproach. The story is rather original, several twists make the story progress in the right direction, as in the series Hit & Run. All in all, we have the impression that the scriptwriters took pains and did not want to rely on the simple headliner. Of course, some strings are a bit rough, but it works. The same goes for the acting. They make us have a good time, and that's all we ask of them! Good point also for the subtle reminders of the career of the actors slipped here and there in the film.