The Man From Toronto : the opinion of the internet users

notice man from toronto

To brighten up the vacations, Netflix has added an action comedy as we love them: The Man From Toronto.

In this comedy, Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson collide over a misunderstanding about the mysterious person behind the nickname.

The man from Toronto is a killer, a real one, who gets paid by the highest bidder to do the worst jobs. Woody Harrelson has the head for the job. Kevin Hart is the opposite. He plays the guy who is a little lost and gets caught up in a story that is beyond him. But we can count on him to bring a touch of comedy thanks to his mimics.

The first few minutes of the film set the scene, then the action follows at a good pace, while maintaining the suspense. Not everything is planned and some of the twists manage to surprise us, even if it remains calibrated as Hollywood knows how to do so well.

However, the film suffers from some excesses, but will this have made the subscribers critical of this film, that's what we find out :
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