The Meg, what is this movie with Jason Statham?

the meg

The Meg is available on Netflix since a few days only and yet it is already in the top 10. Main reason: the actor Jason Statham who holds the top spot.

The Meg, or In Troubled Waters in French, is a Chinese-American science fiction film released in 2018. At the box office, it still earned 530,000,000 dollars for a production cost of only 150 million dollars. The film falls somewhere between an action film and a horror film.

Mainly because the great villain of the story is a kind of giant shark that everyone thought was extinct, a megalodon. Seeing him like this, you would think you were in a Z movie like Shraknado. And yet, it is nothing of the sort!

Jason Statham takes on a megalodon

Jason Statham is Jonas Taylor, a former Navy captain who specializes in deep-sea diving. He is called to rescue a team trapped in a wreck attacked by a prehistoric shark.

The whole movie will take place in this atmosphere that tries to reproduce the one of Jaws with the claustrophobic side that scares more than one person. It is clear that this is not a film for everyone and its rating clearly suggests this!

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However, for those with a strong heart, the film will delight all the more because it offers a lot of twists and turns! This explains why it is so highly rated on Netflix and why it is getting a second life in the SVOD sphere.