The Mitchells versus the machines, what to think?

the mitchells against the machines

If Disney and Pixar remain the masters of animated films, Netflix has good hopes of soon taking the third place of the podium. Indeed, Netflix has well understood the need to have a catalog of novelties for children, especially a few weeks before the long vacations. That's how the movie The Mitchells vs. the Machines came to be.

In this animated feature, adults and children will find themselves in it. The scenario is pleasant and allows everyone to immerse themselves in it. And, if for children, it will be entertaining, the film also allows parents to reflect on the impact of screens.

The synopsis

In this film, a dysfunctional family faces a Teminator-like apocalypse.

Against the backdrop of social networks, an inventor creates a new generation of an application which he does not hesitate to scrap. The latter takes control of the machines equipped with a microchip (reminiscent of Kitty Galore's Revenge) of the brand.

The humans are then imprisoned to be discarded and leave the field free for the machines.

But that's without counting on the Mitchell family who, in spite of themselves, will try to do the impossible so that the situation returns to normal.

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What we think

Without revolutionizing the genre, Netflix signs here a very good animated film that will delight the whole family for a popcorn night. The film also has a strong message about the addiction to screens and machines. But beyond that, it also draws attention to the divide that digital can create in a family where parents are more attached to traditional activities. Nevertheless, everything ends on a happy ending, of course.