Is the movie 50 Shades of Grey 2 available on Netflix?

50 Shades Darker available on netflix

What is the story?

Like TwilightThe 50 Shades of Grey trilogy has left its mark. Just like Twilight, it is a novel adapted to the screen. Of novel, it is rather a worldwide bestseller! And when the film was released, many people rushed to the screening rooms!

If we have not seen 50 Shades of Greythere are some elements that we will miss. Indeed, the film is the direct continuation of the first ? The second opus is called 50 shades darker. It is then followed by 50 shades lighter.

To quickly summarize the first part, it is an agreement between consenting adults. On the one hand, we discovered Ana. A rather shy girl, not very comfortable in society and who finds herself in a difficult situation a little by chance.

By difficult situation, we mean a completely inappropriate proposal that involves him in a sadomasochistic relationship. The whole thing is fixed by a contract with very strict rules. The man behind this proposal is Christian Grey. He is rich, but he cultivates his shadow zone.

The meeting between the two sparks, and neither of them is comfortable in this relationship. That's why Ana ended it. And that's where the second film of 50 Shades of Grey begins.

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It is not because she broke up with Christian, that he made a cross on their relationship. On her side, she turned the page by launching out in a new professional life. But he remained stuck. It is for this reason that he finds her during an exhibition and proposes to her to give a second chance to their couple.

But this time, he is determined to do it differently. He will open his heart and especially his life to her. He will confide in her! Something he has never done before. Just like having a love relationship, because that's what Ana wants. And this is what he intends to give her.

So the darker part is not a descent into the world of S&M or other sexual practices. It is rather the introspection in Christian's life. We meet people from his past. Ana, as well as the viewer, then understands why Christian Grey has turned to this type of relationship, excluding love.

Unfortunately, the film has not made a mark in time. At least, not as much as the first one. With a slower style, the viewer has more difficulty to hang on to the story, which itself is slightly redundant.

50 Shades of Grey 2, available on Netflix?

The second film of the trilogy is currently not available on the streaming platform Netflix. However, for aficionados, it is possible to watch the first film, which is available.

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The Universal Pictures-produced film is also not available on the other two platforms, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.